Laurea Magistrale Biomedical Engineering


The master’s degree program in Biomedical Engineering is an English language international course designed to prepare students to pursue diversified careers in the biomedical engineering field, such as those related to research and development in the medical devices field, to the production and management of health services, technologies, and facilities. In this course, students are asked to improve and deepen their skills in traditional engineering disciplines and to develop more specialized aspects of the biomedical field.

Students are immersed in a lively international environment in which frontal teaching is paralleled by numerous laboratory experiences aimed at developing experimental skills and attain problem-solving, team-working and decision-making skills.

This organization and the use of the English language makes graduates from the Biomedical Engineering degree appealing for the labor market, as shown by the employment rate at one year from graduation, which is 100%.


The master’s program, designed to provide the students with the skills needed to draw this complex and constantly evolving professional profile, is characterized by the following points:

  • FUNDAMENTALS – Gain in-depth knowledge of the engineering theoretical and technical-scientific bases and develop the ability to apply them in the field of biomedical science.
  • ADVANCES – Deepen knowledge in selected aspects of biomedical engineering and healthcare technology.
  • DESIGN – Devise, design and realize systems able to advance knowledge in all aspects of human health and to improve life quality.
  • LAB EXPERIENCE – Provide the hands-on skills required to design, carry out and manage experiments, tests and validations.
  • MULTIDISCIPLINARITY – Be able to apply the engineering methods and principles to medicine and biology, through an inter-disciplinary approach to problem-solving.
  • SOFT SKILLS – Strengthen transversal skills, including language, communication and information management. Stimulate team-working, problem-solving, decision-making.

Professional opportunities

The multidisciplinary training will help the graduates from the Biomedical Engineering Master’s program play a leading role in the following careers:

  • companies in the medical devices sector
  • companies in the pharmaceutical, robotics, and ma-machine interface sectors
  • national and international research centers
  • health services companies
  • public administrations
  • health facilities
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