Educational Offer

Engineering studies are demanding, they require predisposition and continuous application, but, thanks to the training they provide and the skills they allow to acquire, they are always appreciated and, even in times of crisis, they are successful in terms of inclusion in the world of work. Studies are divided into two levels, according to the Link identifier #identifier__134549-1model, informally called “3+2”, which provides for a three-year course of study (leading to a Degree) eventually followed by a two-year course (leading to a Master’s Degree, initially called a Specialist Degree).  A High School Diploma is required for access to the Degree Courses.
The Degree is then the qualification for access to the Master’s Degree Courses.

The Department of Industrial, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering of Roma Tre offers  Link identifier #identifier__84623-2three Degree Programs and five Master Degree Programs.


Admission to Bachelor and Master courses

Detailed information can be found on the Link identifier #identifier__182712-3dedicated page.
All procedures for test registration, matriculation, and transfers and transitions are published in the rectorial notices, available in the Link identifier #identifier__190957-4Student Portal.

Enrolment with foreign qualification/Equivalence of qualifications

On the Student Portal page dedicated to Link identifier #identifier__179432-5studenti con titolo estero/Students with foreign qualification you can find all the useful information.

Link identifier #identifier__108759-6Regolamenti didattici


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